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96ct Warmer Rack Starter Kit

96ct Warmer Rack Starter Kit


Starter Kit includes 96 4oz of our top selling flavors along with 2 warmer racks, 2 shelf wobblers, 1 window cling, and 1 job aid. 


  • Zero Spoil
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


Choose from 3 flavor varieties...


OPTION A: 24 Cinnamon Almond, 36 Honeysalt Cashew, 36 Praline Pecan


OPTION B: 24 Honeysalt Cashew, 36 Cinnamon Almond, 36 Praline Pecan


OPTION C: 24 Praline Pecan, 36 Honeysalt Cashew, 36 Cinnamon Almond

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