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A handful of ingredients lovingly crafted in small batches

About: We start with fresh butte/padre almonds harvested from the sunny groves of California. Small batches are slow-roasted with a cinnamon sugar glaze. The result is a sweet, crunchy snack that has been a crowd-pleaser for generations, all the way back to the German Oktoberfest where this simple recipe were first introduced!

What's inside? Almonds, vanilla, cinnamon & sugar


Tip: Try them warm! Pour any of our candy coated nuts onto a microwave-safe dish for 30 seconds to enjoy an unforgettable oven-fresh experience.

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Green Starburst.jpg



An ingenious blend of salty & sweet

About: We use jumbo cashews from top farms around the world, slow-roasting them and adding a tasty glaze of pure golden honey. A dash of salt tops off this fantastic snack!

What's inside? Cashews, sugar, honey & salt

Tip: Are you planning a get-together? Catering an event? A big bowl of Honeysalt Cashews is always a hit! Contact us for special pricing on bulk orders.

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blue starburst.jpg



A simple southern masterpiece

About: Our redskin peanuts get their start in the rich, warm soil of Georgia. We roast them slowly and add a crunchy English Toffee shell. A dusting of salt makes every bite a mouthwatering experience.

What's inside? Redskin peanuts, sugar, salt & English Toffee flavors

Tip: There aren't many ways to improve on a simple bowl of ice cream, but trust us, this is one of them. Crush a handful of P-Nut Brittle peanuts and fall in love with ice cream all over again!

Note: P-Nut Brittle does not work in product warmers. 

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pink starburst.jpg



A sweet southern favorite

About: We use fancy mammoth pecans straight from Georgia. After a slow roast, we seal the pecan's natural sweetness inside a crunchy praline shell. A pinch of salt and they're ready to go!

What's inside? Whole pecans, sugar, salt & praline flavors

Tip: Take your salad game to a whole  new level with this perfect topper! Crush up a handful and enjoy!

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