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It's no secret that candy-coated nuts, such as our Original Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, have been around for a long time. They have been a snacking staple at the world-famous German Oktoberfest for over 100 years! We here at the Jonny Almond Nut Company are proud to use those same, simple recipes. So, what sets us apart? 


All of our candied nuts are prepared in small batches to maintain the highest possible standard of quality. We use fresh, natural ingredients that keep our entire product line gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and vegan. And our classic cone-shaped packaging hearkens back to the county fairs and baseball games that so many of us grew up with.  

We've been thrilled to see our products sold in grocery & convenience stores across America. Check your local stores for Jonny Almonds - we are confident that you won't be disappointed! 

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We're better than nothing!



We know between the morning rush and the dinner rush those warmers are looking pretty empty. With our new patent-pending warmer program, our Jonny Almond products are guaranteed to last 30 days! Nothing beats our nice and warm Jonny Almond products but we have also found that our products being a permanent solution also helps push other products with a shorter shelf life because your warmer is full, colorful, and inviting!

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Don't let that empty space go to waste!

25% of all of the food that gets placed in your warmers gets thrown away between the morning and evening rush. This contributes to higher food costs and lower sales. Keep your warmers looking fresh, colorful, and inviting with warm Jonny Almond products! 

**Please note: P-Nut Brittle Peanuts do not work in the warmer. 

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